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Beta Campaign

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Battle 2.2 - Return to Kessel

In an effort to reclaim the territory of Kessel, which was formerly controlled by the Blind Followers before joining the Dreadnok Raiders, 3 Mechs from Trondheim have been deployed to Kessel to attack 3 defending Squee Jaguar Mechs. A disastrous battle quickly unfolded.


Do I always look sick?
Commander Dragon

A little slight of hand makes the numbers higher.
Commander Squee

Dave the Half-Orc... oops, wrong game.
Commander Cinemax

Status Report

First Strike!The battle appeared to be evenly matched when the 6 Mechs came into view. On one end of the battlefield, the Squee Jaguars were waiting for their time to pounce. Although the Dreadnok Raiders were the aggressors, it felt as if they were being ambushed. The reporting recon team will surely be demoted for the failure to have a proper report on the territory of Kessel.

The Marauder IIC and the Grendel B strolled up the left flank to confront the Andraus and the Guillotine IIC-EFM. On the right flank, the Summoner reached out and struck the Ozark at long range. This was an attack that the Ozark's MechWarrior, Junior, would not soon forget.

Grendel destroyed!Almost immediately following, the Andraus launched an alpha-strike against the Grendel B - blasting the head off the Mech and shredding what remained of the fallen machine. Commander Squee's confidence was growing rapidly as MechWarriors Chewie and Joe watched their colleague get disintegrated.

Marauder backtracking while Summoner takes it in the rear.The Ozark and Summoner quickly closed in for close range combat along the attacking right flank of the battlefield. On the left flank, the Andraus closed the range with the Marauder IIC, which was slowly overheating under the control of rookie MechWarrior Joe, as if the current situation wasn't bad enough.

Marauder is DOWN!In a desperate attempt to disable the oncoming Andraus, Joe fired an alpha- strike, overheating the Marauder IIC to the point of shutdown. The shutdown was momentary, but long enough to give the Squee Jaguars a massive advantage. The Andraus moved in, unfazed by the attack and almost methodically picked apart the Mech before heading to the other side of the battlefield to assist the Ozark.

As the Marauder IIC was taking a beating on one side of the battlefield, the Summoner was also having a rough time against the Ozark. The nimble 55-ton Ozark was dancing around the Summoner, and although MechWarrior Junior never dishonored himself by making a physical attack against the Summoner, he did overly take advantage of his speed by positioning himself to the rear of the Summoner in many situations.

Dreadnok Raiders dead in their tracksUntil we meet again...MechWarrior Chewie soon found himself being attacked by both the Ozark and the Andraus, at which time he decided that it was time for a slow retreat. Attempting to hold his composure, he moved toward safe ground while still firing upon the Ozark. Unfortunately he couldn't fend off either of the Squee Jaguar Mechs and by the time that he realized his Mech wouldn't last, it was too late - he was also killed on the Battlefield of Kessel.

These Squee Jaguars were praised for their success on the battlefield. MechWarrior Junior, pilot of the Ozark, was given a Silver Star to reward his skill in defeating the Summoner.

(Status Reporter: Dragon)

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